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carbide indexable drillsIndexable Drills

Our ability to provide high quality indexable tooling includes drilling applications. We can design & manufacture application driven drills using industry standard drilling inserts and parts.

If your goal is to minimize the number of operations done at the time of drilling, please contact us about our replaceable drill tip Helmet Head. These sizes range from 10mm to 32mm.

DYO Indexable Drill

1 Hole
2 Hole
3 Hole
4 Hole

When it comes to drilling, Competitive Carbide covers the whole spectrum. From solid carbide coolant through applications, to integrated indexable multi-operational tools, to totally modular drilling with our Helmet Head, we can handle any drilling requirement.

Indexable Drills of All Types

  • Drill and Bore
  • Drill and Spot Face
  • Drill Spot Face Chamfer
  • Any combination of the above

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» Boring Bars
» Cartridges
» End Mills
» Fixtures
» G-Port System
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» Grooving
» Helmet Head
» Hollow Mills
» Indexable Drills
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